1) Tensile Testing
2) Flexural Strength Testing at room temperature
3) Flexural Strength Testing at 150ºC/180ºC/200ºC temperature
4) Impact Strength Testing
5) Compression Tetsing
6) Heat deflection temperature Testing
7) Shear Strength Testing
8) Splitting Test
9) Water Absorption
10) Specific Gravity


1) Insulation Resistance Testing
2) Breakdown at High Voltage Testing
3) Di-electric Stregth Tetsing
4) Comparative Tracking Index Testing
5) Arc Resistance


1) Toxicity Testing
2) Flammability Testing
3) Smoke Density Testing
4) Limiting Oxygen Index Testing
5) Resistance to the spread of Flame Testing

Product Portfolio

The versatility of our products allows them to be used in an array of applications. For instance, they are integral in the production of Wind Generators, Hydro Generators, Electric Locomotives, AC Induction Traction Motors, DC Traction Motors, Equipment Panels, Electrical Housings and Components, Insulators, Cell tower tops, Heat Shields, Circuit Breakers, Agricultural feeding troughs, Motor Components, Disc Brake Pistons, and more.

We offer competitive pricing, excellent quality, and reliable delivery. We specialise in custom thickness and sizes for short runs, prototypes, and production runs.