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In Railway technology, we provide Insulation Materials, Insulation tapes, Components for Interiors, Wires and Contractor. Our products meets the Fire Safety standards and specifications of railways.

Some of the products used in Trains ans Metros are :

  • Insulated Plates
  • Support Plates 
  • Busing Hood
  • Insulated Holders
  • Insulated Brackets
  • Insulated Ribs
  • Contactor Filter On/off
  • Contactor for Discharge
  • Bus Bar Separators
  • Bus Bar Support 
  • Bus Bar Clamp 
  • Insulating Tubes
  • Sound Insulation Wood Panels
  • Winding Wires
  • etc.

Micaply USA INC.

Micaply USA INC. specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality mica-based insulation products, designed to provide exceptional thermal and electrical insulation for a wide range of industrial applications. Their product line includes mica tapes, sheets, and other insulation materials known for their durability and reliability in demanding environments.