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Transformers or converters are often used for voltage conversion. We provide Insulation Materials and Insulation tapes., they are:

  • Covers with Gaskets
  • Insulating Cylinders
  • ​Layer Insulation Tapes
  • Core Insulation 
  • etc.

Core-less Induction Furnances

An induction furnace is an electrical furnace  used to melt iron and steel, copper, aluminum, and precious metals.. We provide Mica Insulation linings to increase the life and reduces the break-down time for these furnaces: 
  • Glass Mica Folium 

Flange and Bolting Insulation

​Flanges, the most common trouble area, need to be sealed properly to prevent leakage and must also be cathodically insulated to prevent stray currents which cause undo corrosion and eventual breakdown of the metal. A flange is typically insulated for cathodic protection reasons.

Terminal Boards

A terminal block is a modular, insulated block that secures two or more wires together. It is used to secure or terminate wires. In their most basic form, terminal blocks consist of several individual terminals which are arranged in a long strip.

Micaply USA INC.

Micaply USA INC. specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality mica-based insulation products, designed to provide exceptional thermal and electrical insulation for a wide range of industrial applications. Their product line includes mica tapes, sheets, and other insulation materials known for their durability and reliability in demanding environments.